Late Noon Sun

‘Washing sails like old flags of grey nations….a woman in a headscarf thinks about nothing in particular as she moves cloth over window sill…..a potted plant falls and smashes. She’s got a sour affectation – everyone around here’s tasted it. She waits, recalling prime numbered pages of the Fact Book of Fiction … a flesh net glove … that which must be destroyed…..’

The award winning, film-maker and animator Lizzie Oxby¬†devised a multi-screened film based on the fragmented story ‘Late Noon Sun’ written by Alice Kemp. The story revisits the previous tale of ‘Little Mary’ to try and unravel the haunting, dark mystery. Incorporated are integrated live stage performances by Dagmara Bilon, Agnieszka Kapuscinska and Alice Tatge supported by a soundscore written, and produced by Wajid Yaseen, sound design by Gadi Sassoon and ambisonic design by Dave Hunt.

The making of ‘Late Noon Sun’ provides a short demonstration of how the film was created for the multiple screens and live performances.


Director: Lizzie Oxby. Production company: Ear Cinema. Funders: The Arts Council of England

‘Late Noon Sun’ has been installed and performed at the following galleries : ICA Gallery, London, Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, Salisbury Arts Centre, Shunt, London, Colchester Arts Centre