Little Mary

Big men all but not a man amongst them, Little Mary had once said. The fat man in the bad suit starts waving a bible around like it was on fire. 
He raises an almighty bellow….”When such a tragedy occurs..we KNOW who is at work”. He glances a careful eye in my general direction. I ignore him and crack a broad smile at the nurse who is shutting down Little Mary’s obsolete life support system…(though with wounds like THAT, who’d want to live?)….”Guess they don’t make ’em to last” I say
“These machines are of the highest standard” snaps the nurse. I figure we have our wires crossed, I was talking about little girls.
“Are you a relation?” she demands
“Not exactly”
“Then could you please wait outside”

Written by Alice Kemp, the story is based around the character of a little girl named Mary and begins with an announcement by a doctor about Mary’s health. News reporters swarm through the corridor of a hospital where a grief-stricken mother and a nun are inconsolable. Police officers make a call to start a man-hunt.  Statements are read by Mary, commenting on her own situation. A man in a bad suit starts waving a book around as though it was on fire.

‘Little Mary’ was installed and performed at the ICA Gallery, London

Director: Paul Barritt. Production company: Ear Cinema. Funders: Arts Council of England