Wajid Yaseen – Artistic Director – Wajid is a British artist whose work draws on an inter-disciplinary approach to develop sound-based works encompassing installations, live performances, acousmatic music, graphic scores, and sound sculptures. He is the director of the sound research organisation Modus Arts, the co-founder of the destructivist Scrapclub project, and the artistic director of the Ear Cinema project. He holds an MA in Arts and Design with a focus on Sonic Arts gained from Middlesex University, where he is also currently undertaking a PhD. His work has been exhibited and performed at the ICA Gallery, Arnolfini, Queen Elizabeth Hall, the Whitechapel Gallery, Laban, and the Freud Museum amongst others.

Helen Frosi – Project Manager –  Helen is the founder and director of SoundFjord and her portfolio includes the curation of a group show at Oboro (CA); one-off multimedia installations at the ICA and Victoria and Albert Museum. Recent multimedia events have been curated for Goldsmiths, Galerie8, CRiSAP, GV gallery, and such. Her most complex work to date being Sound//Space at V22, featuring a project and performance space, programmed with 50+ talks, masterclasses, workshops and live events. Helen curated the acclaimed, Sbarbi’s Arrow, multiple radio projects for Concertzender (Dutch national radio), as well as educational projects/presentations for FoN festival, Goldsmiths, British Library, Oxford Brookes, Field Studies Masterclass, amongst others. She is currently working with Goldsmiths as an Honorary Fellow and will work with UEL as a research fellow to produce events and educational programmes.

‘Late Noon Sun’ production team


Lizzie Oxby – Director – In 1996, Lizzie graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Animation. Her graduation film THE LACEMAKER won the Gold Mikeldi for Animation at the Bilbao International Documentary and Short Film Festival, and her short films have been internationally screened at numerous major film festivals. Her multi-award winning film EXTN.21 was commissioned by Channel 4 Television. Her latest film THE SEAWATCHERS completed in 2007, has begun playing at film festivals, including the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival and Krakow Film Festival. As a director, she has made work for MTV Networks Europe and EMI Records UK. She has also created work for Real World, Readymade-Media and co-directed CATCH YOUR BREATH with Theatre-Rites using video projection and interactive performance for The Lyric Theatre Hammersmith. As well her moving image work, she’s also a published illustrator and has been an associate lecturer on the BA (Hons) Design for Performance course at Wimbledon College of Art since 1997 as well as a visiting lecturer on other degree courses. Her work has also been exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art in London (read an interview here)

Alice Kemp  Writer – Artist/Musician with background of collaborations with ‘Performance Thanatology Research Society’, Hilary Jeffrey and involved in experimental music projects ‘Uniform’ and ‘Germseed

Krystian Godlewski – Performer – extensive background in theatre and dance working with The Bones Theatre company in London and the Stajnia Pegaza Theatre in Poland

Lina Jungergard & Andrea Meneses Guerrero – Performers – Lena and Andrea began work in March 2004 on a 2-year process using the theme of “Private Theatre” case history of Anna O Featuring aerial, mime, vocal and projections; fire, shadow, and object manipulation. An evolving repertoire of acts were choreographed for a range of sites, situations and contexts in London, Paris & Zagreb. The work culminated in April ’06 with the company’s first South American invitation and successfully played to audiences of 2000 in Bogotà for the 4th Latin Convention of Circus

John Taylor – Visual Effects Supervisor

Liv Camden – Live Action Assistant

Anshu Poddar – Director of Photography

Adrian Newman – Lighting

Robin Harvey – Costume Design

Natalie O’ Conner – Make-Up

Randa Ghazal – Runner

Yara Pascale Fuessel – Runner


Dagmara Bilon – Dagmara is a London based performer, creator and dance movement therapist. She has graduated in Dance Theatre from Laban in 2003. Her performance work derives out of an intimate period dialoguing with collaborators. She is especially passionate about working closely with different types of spaces;spaces inside people,spaces people create whilst living, as well as spaces people don’t occupy. Neglected and derelict spaces. In 2004 Dagmara was Co-founder of Echo Space. The project focussed on transforming a derelict church hall into an arts space. As well as having devised work there she has assisted to curate several arts events hosting a variety of artists. The church has been burnt down in July2005. In 2006 Dagmara graduated in Dance Movement Therapy from Roehampton University. Her clinical practice experiences consist of working in Adult Mental Health and the Elderly with Dementia as well as holding movement sessions for ‘normal neurotics’. In 2007 she engaged in physical training and building a performance structure with Bones Theatre.Currently she is based in Area 10 Project Space,where she continous her processes including movement sessions,research and feedback sessions with the’sawmill collective’.

Alice TatgeAlice was born in 1981 in Italy. In 1987 she began training in Ballet and in 1993 was introduced to Graham technique. In 2000 she trained in the U.S, A, mainly at Hampshire college, Massachusetts and in New York. In 2004 she completed BA (hons) Dance and Theatre at the Laban centre, London. Her choreographic and performative work deals with the possibility of juxtaposing pure dance and the emotional and physical content that it evokes with other forms of art. Alice has performed with Site-Specific companies such as Punch Drunk Theatrical Experiences and Stacked Wonky Dance Company. She has also performed in NY Norksdans, Norway and toured in Wales for The Welsh National Theatre. Other performance work includes performance projects set in gallery contexts in London, Italy and Iceland. Alice has taught improvisation, Release and Graham technique as well as Ballet in Italy, London and Iceland and has recently joined the Birbeck college staff and Roehampton University as a tutor of contemporary technique.

Agnieszka KapuscinskaDisillusioned with a traditional way of teaching and awakened by seeing a Japanese Butoh master, Agnieszka left Poland and at the culmination of her training in Butoh dance she was invited to perform at the International Festival for New Butoh Works in Japan, where she worked with a host of Japanese and European artists- D. Yoshimoto, T.Fukuhara, C. Ikeda. Back in England she has completed Drama and Performance Art Degree at Goldsmiths, created several physical theatre pieces: Tawe Pilaku, Passer By, The Song of Passion, The Lady of the Veil…, worked with theatre groups and assisted Rena Mirecka of J.Grotowski’s Laboratory Theatre in her work in Italy. Currently Agnieszka continues to work on her live art performance pieces where the personal myths are translated into visual poetry.


Dave Hunt – Ambisonic Sound Design – freelance sound designer/engineer having worked with a broad range of artists including Michael Nyman, David Toop, Gavin Bryers

Gadi Sassoon – Sound Design – Gadi is a musician and sound-hacker, best known via his moniker “Memory9”. He combines his activity as music producer and performer with that of sporadic installation artist and his work has been featured in China, the US and throughout Europe.

Wajid Yaseen – Music Composer and Producer

Alison Blunt – Musician (violin)

Greg Duggan – Musician (cello)

Jimmy Rogers – Narration

Jesse Darling – Narration

Alice Kemp – Narration


Michael Zeltner – Technical Director – extensive background in a wide range of projects from Graffitti Research Lab, and part of the Netznetz co-ordination team in Vienna, Austria.

Gail Sneddon – Choreography & Documentation

Ana Godinho De Matos – Documentation Video Editing

Lisa Cazzato – Documentation Video Filming

Pierre D’Alancaisez – Photography

Professor Paul & Shari Levy – Transport

Jenny Lindvall & Joel Cahen – Stage hands


Irini Papadimitriou – Irini has previously managed big-scale projects as a freelancer and also in a public institution (V&A). She has also collaborated with the ICA and the Arnolfini previously as well as with the Colchester Arts Centre and the Bluecoat. She has been involved in Ear Cinema since beginning of the project and plays a crucial role in liasing with galleries, funders, press officers, dealing with admin and installation preparations.


‘Little Mary’ production team


Alice Kemp – Writer

Paul Barritt – Animation

Suzanne Andrade – Performer

Esme Appleton – Performer

Dave Cloud – Narration

Gail Sneddon – Video Documentation

Ana Godinho De Matos – Video Edit

Marc Broussely – Photography

Niccolo Celesti – Photography

Julio Periera and Lee Curran – Lighting/Stage Management

Matt Swanson – Studio Recordings

Professor Paul – Transport

Roger Carne – Stagehand

Jenny Lindvall – Stagehand

‘The Lodger’ production team


Paul Barritt – Animation

Suzanne Andrade – Performer

Esme Appleton – Performer

Roger Carne – Stagehand

Jenny Lindvall – Stagehand


Funders and Supporters

Arts Council England, Modus Arts, ICA Gallery, Arnolfini Gallery, Shunt, Colchester Arts, and a big thanks to Emma Quinn and Sabine Unamun